Dear guests,

to make your stay at the sHome self-check-in Hotel Graz even more pleasant, we ask that you observe the following house rules.

Smking / Narcotics
Please note that there is a legal ban on smoking in the entire hotel interior. This also applies in the rooms (except on balconies and terraces). The smoking ban also applies to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers of all kinds. The consumption of narcotics of any kind is prohibited without exception! Violation of the Narcotics Act will result in immediate eviction and a report to the local police.

Night rest
From 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., the statutory nighttime rest applies in all rooms, corridors and on the outdoor area. Any kind of noise is strictly prohibited during this time! Failure to observe the night's rest can lead to immediate eviction from the house. We expect respectful interaction with other guests. After 10:00 p.m., care must be taken to keep the volume level in the room itself low so as not to disturb other guests in adjoining rooms. Volume limits have been set on our TVs.

Fire alarm system
The entire hotel is equipped with a fire alarm system with a direct connection to the fire brigade. Working with open flames and smoking (also applies to e-cigarettes and vaporizers) is strictly prohibited indoors and in the underground car park. The preparation of hot meals is only permitted in the cooking areas provided for this purpose (rooms with built-in kitchen) under constant supervision and good ventilation (open window). The cost of the triggered fire service (between €250 and €800) will be billed to the person responsible.

Common areas and corridors
General areas and corridors are not lounges. Group gatherings are generally not permitted and should be avoided. In the areas outside the rooms, quiet behavior is to be observed! We expect respectful and friendly interaction with other guests.

The elevator is only available to staff and guests on the upper floors and those needing access to the underground car park and is under no circumstances to be used for unreasonable journeys.

The rooms are equipped with bed linen, towels, hair dryer, TV and other items. Take care of the entire inventory. When leaving the room, all doors and windows must be closed completely (do not tilt). Our cleaning staff only cleans the rooms between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. If access is not possible by 11:00 a.m. at the latest, cleaning on this day can no longer be guaranteed.

Odor nuisance
Unpleasant odors should always be avoided. For example, the preparation of food, in particular due to the type of cooking, is only permitted when the room door is locked. Ventilation is only permitted by opening the windows!

Receiving visitors in the rooms is only permitted in exceptional cases and only with the consent of the hotel staff up to a maximum of 8:00 p.m. External guests who stay in the guest room after 8:00 p.m. or even spend the night are considered hotel guests and the stay is added to the guest’s bill without comment.

Animals of any kind (with the exception of trained assistance animals) are strictly not allowed! If an animal has been granted, it must be cared for and kept in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act applicable in Austria. Dogs need regular exercise outdoors. The toilets of the domestic cats are to be kept clean and the litter is to be renewed regularly. The smell of animal excrement and the smell of urine must be avoided! Animal excrements are to be removed immediately and the areas cleaned to neutralize odors.

We assume no liability for valuables of any kind (especially jewelry and cash). All rooms are equipped with safes that can be used free of charge. The safekeeping of the cloakroom, technical devices brought along and the like is also exclusively the responsibility of the guest.

Parking space/garage
Use of the parking spaces is at your own risk. The sHome Hotel is neither obliged to guard parking lots nor to maintain their areas and other facilities in order to protect vehicles from damage.

If the building, inventory or other facilities are damaged or soiled, or if the key card is lost or the smoking ban is not observed, the damage caused must be compensated by the person who caused it. Compensation payments are to be made immediately. Theft and intentional damage to property will be reported immediately. In the event of violations of one or more of the points listed in these house rules, we are entitled to terminate the accommodation contract without notice at any time. The obligation of the guest to pay for the booked overnight stay remains unaffected.

Video surveillance
There is video surveillance in all areas, with the exception of the rooms, toilets and breakfast room. By entering the hotel, the guest agrees to the video recording.

Escape routes / exits
Adhere to the fire safety regulations. Escape route plans are attached to the stairwell in every room and floor. Emergency exits, escape routes and fire extinguishers are signposted accordingly in the individual fire compartments. The staircase and the corridors must always be kept clear as an escape route. The escape meeting point is in front of the house.

Wireless internet is available throughout the house free of charge. In any case, the bandwidth is intended for normal use. When using the Internet, the provisions of data protection and the protection of children and young people must be observed. Violations must be reported. In particular, the use of file sharing programs and illegal video streaming portals is prohibited.

Operating and technical rooms
Entering operating and technical rooms is prohibited.